E-Commerce Retailer got Hacked and Database sold on the dark web

On Friday 30th October 2020, E-Commerce Redmart owned by Lazada announced and confirmed that 1.1 Million of its user account was hacked and their personal data was been sold online by hacker.

It is not the first and also will not be the last, though they mentioned that user password was encrypted. this brings us back to the topics of online security and your usage of passwords across different platforms.

It was lucky that the password been hacked was encrypted, imagine if the password was not encrypted, hacker can use the password and hack the user account on other platforms such as email account and other e-commerce platforms.

The online world is getting more and more complicated, We have lots of accounts with different platforms and normally we tend to use the same password so that we can log in to all our accounts easily. but that also brings a lot of security issues if one of your providers got hacked and the password got leaked out. you will need to track down all your accounts and change your password on every different platform.

A simple solution that we always encourage, though it is also not 100 percent safe. is to document down your different platform’s passwords on a word file. Store that word file on a thumb drive. and password protect it, with a strong password that you can remember, at least 12 characters long and with upper case and lower case alphanumerics and special characters on it.

Other alternatives, you can subscribe for a password valut service, Do contact us if you need some advice and solutions for managing your password.