Windows 7 End of Support

January 14th, 2020, this is the day Windows 7 support will officially end from Microsoft, what does it mean to the user?

Well, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 with patches and updates, but usage wise will still be the same, you can still run your computer as usual. It was a good 10 Years run for Windows 7 OS. it was released as a replacement OS to Windows 2000, which was officially released on February 17th, 2000, which was then a rock-solid OS ridding on Windows NT core.

You can still run your Windows 7 OS as per usual, just that without patches, the OS will be more vulnerable to attack and also virus infection. You are highly recommended to upgrade to Windows 10. There is a huge advantage in using an OS that has support and regular patches.

Do contact us if you need our support to upgrade your OS to Windows 10.