Online Marketing

Online-MarketingWith businesses going digital, almost every business is trying to create its presence online. As businesses do not face barriers of geography, their prospective customer e base has shifted from local to global. But, it has also increased competition faced by them multi-fold times and now merely having a website does not guarantee success online. So, along with website development, we also offer full internet marketing services. From developing ad campaigns to Search Engine Optimisation, ITG helps in implementing strategic digital marketing strategies for your business.

Integrating Technology Guru bring all hardware and software services required by businesses under one roof. But, we also know that marketing a business effectively is as important as launching and executing it. So, our list of services was further advanced to include online marketing. Along with a team of engineers and managers, we also have a qualified team of people experienced in Internet marketing. Our team is capable of handling different aspects of online marketing and successfully implementing ways to convert visitors into customers. As we also provide copy writing services, we have an expertise with utilizing keywords for better search engine rankings.

Online marketing services offered by us include –

  • Pay-per- Click marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

With our online marketing services, we help clients actively promote their businesses online using different platforms. With Social Media Marketing, we also strive to develop a brand image and recognition for the businesses. As we provide solutions to both SMEs and MNCs, you can stay assured for our quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Increase visibility and confidence of your business with our online marketing services!