Offsite Data Backup

12608740_sTechnology has transformed the way businesses are conducted, and shifted the focus on electronic data. Electronic data is vulnerable hence organizations are constantly taking steps to make sure their data remains secure and protected. Though online data backup is popular due to its lower cost, they have certain limitations. We know that data is critical for any business and its loss can cause turmoil in the company. ITG Pte Ltd offers secure offsite data backup services for organizations, no matter whether it is a SME or MNC. Our offsite backup software is reliable and delivers all promises we make to clients. With simple configuration, seamless integration, easy recovery and standard compliance, we offer different storage plans to cater to varying
requirements of businesses.

Sophisticated and secure, our offsite data backup solutions are readily available when the client needs them. We design automated offsite data backup solutions that can take place without any human intervention. We know there data security is invaluable, yet our offsite solutions are affordable with flexible pricing plans. At Integrating Technology Guru, we believe that technology aids businesses hence clients should not be afraid of technology. Our software is quick to learn and easy to use, thus it takes away apprehension of clients. Now, businesses can stay connected with critical files and never stay cut-off from them. Offsite data backups not only offer security, it also offers convenience and flexibility. With our offsite backup solutions, clients can access data from anywhere and anytime with the help of broadband connection.

At ITG, we aim to provide well-suited service to businesses that do not have resources or team to setup their individual systems. Our experienced engineers and qualified managers deliver reliable and revolutionary ways to safeguard business data.