Network Design

network_imgIntegrating Technology Guru provides a one stop solution for various hardware and software requirements of business. One of our services that has earned us strong reputation is network design. Network design refers to design of specialized process that result in successful network installation and operation. Network design is not easy as it sounds; it involves several technical and business aspects. Network design should be done prior to proceeding with the project to estimate total cost of the project.

At ITG, we understand that network planning and design is not a one-time activity, it is an iterative process. We are committed to offering quality and professional network design solutions to our customers. Our design services are reliable and easy-to- use in CMS applications.Network requirements of an organization depend on its size and scope. Network requirement of a locally based company is different than that of an MNC. We do not limit our services to MNCs, instead we are equally delighted to address design challenges for an SME. Our main objective is to develop scalable network, manage it and optimize it for growth in future. We also offer support for products and services and help in organization the workflow of client. When discussing about network design, designers need to have knowledge about communication technology cabling. Along with it, they also need to have in-depth knowledge about technology of communication along with components and hardware involved. Our team of engineers are experienced and abreast with latest developments in hardware and technology.

We believe in offering the highest quality service to our clients, and the customer satisfaction is our biggest reward. With our experience of serving clients in Singapore, we have also successfully completed projects in other areas of Asia. Our qualified engineers, strong managers and expert counterparts make it easy for us to implement local as well as overseas projects. Our expertise in different fields ensures we deliver solutions that client trust.