Data Hosting

datahosting_imgIt is an information-driven world today, and businesses have been largely influenced by this trend. Major services run online are database intensive applications and data dependent. This has led to the development of a new concept – data hosting. Integrating Solution Guru provides a suite of solutions to meet varying demands of clients. We realize that security and control is the prime concern of clients while choosing hosting, and we are committed to provide the best quality service to them. At ITG, we know that each business has a different requirement for data hosting so we need to customize solutions to meet requirements of customers.

Data hosting solutions provided by ITG are reliable, accessible and scalable yet they are cost efficient. It is seen that clients are confused over technology in their business instead of using it as an aid. So, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff who help customers understand the data hosting systems. They are also ever ready to help customers and solve any issue they face in hosting and other managed services. We provide one of the most optimal backup and restoration facilities to support storage of critical business data. Our high-end data hosting solutions do not need huge licensing and deployment costs.

ITG Pte Ltd offers various hardware and software solutions for businesses under one roof. Scope of data hosting solution differs with the size of an organization. We serve SMEs as well as MNCs and provide solutions that client can trust. So, whether your business is in Singapore or anywhere else, we have an array of solutions that your business needs.

Maintain data integrity of your business with our data hosting solutions!